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Web Compilation Issue


An issue has been detected which may affect all versions up to SDK 1.15.1 when compiling our Samples web site from a brand new installation.

A new version of the @types/bluebird package used in our samples is incompatible with
our current version of TypeScript. It leads to error like this one when building the
samples web sites:

> tutorial_web@0.5.0 build E:\repos\main\samples\tutorial\web

> tsc && tsc -p public

node_modules/@types/bluebird/index.d.ts(39,26): error TS1005: ';' expected.

node_modules/@types/bluebird/index.d.ts(39,49): error TS1005: ';' expected.

To fix it, go into the web directory of the sample, and type the following command:

npm install -D "@types/bluebird@3.5.20"

Or you may choose to edit the package.json manually by adding it to the devDependencies:

The Genvid Team