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WASAPI Audio is behind video



when I use capturing with WASAPI, the sound seems to lag behind the video quite a bit, up to half a second to a second if I had to guess. When firing guns, this is quite noticeable.

Is this a know problem?

When I connect to the cloud machine with Parsec audio and video are synced. I have the same problem in my local LAN testing setup, audio and video are not in sync.

The code that initialises audio is quite short:

const string AudioStream = "AUDIO";
/// [...]
ThrowOnError(GenvidSDK.SetParameter(AudioStream, "Audio.Source.WASAPI", 1));

I have no other audio-related code.

Since the audio is behind the video, it can’t be that I submit video-frames late. Any idea what I could do to improve the syncronization?


Hi Moritz,

The team have been looking into this and hope to have an answer for you shortly. Sorry for the delay in my response.



Hi Moritz,

We were able to reproduce this issue on our side and are now working on a fix. The fix will be available in our 1.14.0 release, currently scheduled for May 21st.