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Unable to Start services (Cloud Setup)

I’ve already setup genvid cloud on a different aws account, but on a new one, I get these error when starting ‘services’

Error applying template: 2019/10/01 08:08:27.684294 [DEBUG] (runner) receiving dependency kv.block(genvid/encode/stream/key)
2019/10/01 08:08:27.684294 [DEBUG] (runner) receiving dependency kv.block(genvid/images/leafd/dirty)

2019/10/01 08:08:27.686294 [DEBUG] (runner) kv.block(genvid/images/rootd/url) is still needed
2019/10/01 08:08:27.686294 [DEBUG] (runner) kv.block(genvid/images/leafd/url) is still needed
2019/10/01 08:08:27.686294 [DEBUG] (runner) kv.block(genvid/images/eventsd/tag) is still needed

do note that I’m aware of the steps prior to starting this such as

genvid-sdk upload-images-sdk -u
genvid-sdk -c mcluster setup
genvid-sdk -c mcluster load-config-sdk

and so forth…
so if you have any idea regarding this one, maybe you can point me in the right direction.

SDK version: 1.19.5

Hi Ramos,

I think similar to your other post if you follow the steps defined here you should be good:

Specifically here, it looks like the service config is missing so I guess you missed this command during the setup: genvid-sdk upload-images-sdk --update-config