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Unable to setup services (Local setup)

hi, I’m trying to setup the SDK but having issues running genvid-sdk setup command.

SDK version is

I can successfully run py --user.

After that I start consul from the SDK folder using bin/consul agent -dev -bind (without doing this, the “genvid-sdk setup” complains about “Service consul is not running”).

Then trying to run “genvid-sdk setup” complains about “Service bastion-api is not running”, so I do .\bin\bastion-api.exe which seems to start alright and reports “e[34mINFOe[0m[0000] New Consul Client:”.

So by this point I seem to have both consul and bastion-api services running, but then doing genvid-sdk setup fails with the same:
“Service bastion-api is not running”,
“Python\Python38\site-packages\genvid\toolbox\”, line 143, in _get_service_with_tag"

Could you guys help please with what I’m missing here?

Hi Stas,

First: Welcome to the Genvid community!

It sounds like you may be missing the step where you set up your bastion server and other services. After you install the Genvid Toolbox, try following the steps under Start a Local Cluster in the SDK documentation:

Give that a try and let us know if that gets you unblocked.

Technical Writer

Thanks Daniel!

Looks like that’s the bit I was missing and it seems to have fixed the setup!