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UE4 Module Patch for Multibyte string (Japanese Integration)


It has come to our attention that there is an issue with the UE4 GenvidStreamer.cpp and GenvidStreams.cpp.

UGenvidStreamer::CompressString(const TCHAR* str, int stringLen, TArray<uint8>& compressed) copies string data from FMemory::Memcpy() with stringLen for memory size, whereas stringLen comes from FString::Len(str).

With multi-byte strings, FString::Len(str) and actual byte size of TCHAR_TO_UTF8(str) might be different if FString::Len(str) returns the number of characters (ex. returns 1 for 1 kanji) whereas 1 kanji can consist of 2 or more bytes. This results in potentially preventing correct string data from being sent.


A patch has been created to fix this issue until the next SDK version release.

  1. Download the .zip at the following location and replace the “Common” folder within the UE4 sample found in the Genvid source location.
  2. Recompile your project

The Genvid Team