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TightVNC installation timeout

Recently, it has come to our attention that there were issues installing TightVNC which is a recommended software that can be installed via our GenvidSDK installer.

Observed behavior showed a timeout during installation that had to be skipped in order to continue with the GenvidSDK installation.

Upon further investigation, we realised that certain ISPs have blocked the IP address for TightVNC as a form of security for their clients/user.

Although we recommend using TightVNC as a tool to connect to cloud instances for configuration (as detailed in our Documentation), other software can be used.

If you do not wish to use another third party tool, you can use Remote Desktop Connection which is native to your Windows installation.

The Genvid Team


TightVNC has been cleared with some ISPs and can be installed. If you installation issues persist, please advise us so we may issue another update.

Thanks you!

The Genvid Team