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'TextDecoder' is not defined - IE / Edge support


Hey everyone,

due to some external requirements we’re working on support for IE and Edge. This is sadly a requirement for us. When trying to instantiate Genvid in Edge or IE, we get the following exception:

ReferenceError: 'TextDecoder' is not defined
   at t (
   at e.createGenvidClient (
   at Anonymous function (
   at step (
   at Anonymous function (
   at fulfilled (

This maps to the the marked line (formatted by the browser):

The problem is that TextDecoder is not supported by IE / Edge, see:

We’ll be looking into polyfills for temporary support, but does genvid support IE11/Edge in general? Admittedly I haven’t looked to deeply, but I haven’t found any browser-support list.




Hi Moritz!

The team is looking into this and will respond shortly.




Thanks for the report,

We are looking to provide a polyfill for this one in a patch version we’re preparing.


The fix/polyfill that I found worked in IE and Edge was:

import { TextDecoder } from 'text-encoding';
if (!window['TextDecoder']) {
  window['TextDecoder'] = TextDecoder;

Using the text-encoding npm package.


Thanks Moritz for your suggestion,

We have test it and it works well, but also figure out it that we don’t really need it anymore, and removed it from SDK-1.15.1, with a more robust API.

Thanks for all your effort with our SDK, it really help us a lot in providing a better experience to our community,