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Streaming game on unity editor without building it


I’m integrating GenvidSDK into my unity project.
Is there a way to test stream my game on unity editor without building it ?
If so, I would appreciate it if somebody can help me on how to do it.


Hi Kenta,

The Genvid SDK can run in the Unity editor without any issue but only works locally (not in the cloud). Note that the resolution used for the web GL overlay might not match the resolution used in the editor unless you forced the resolution to a specific size. Otherwise, make sure that the Genvid stack is started properly and that the config files are loaded:

  1. genvid-bastion install
  2. genvid-sdk load-config-sdk
  3. py load (unless you have your own config file to load)

At this point, start the services and web job (either available in the Cluster-UI page or inside the Genvid window available in Unity top menu -> Window -> Genvid). You can then proceed to play the game from the editor and the game will stream.



Additional note:
The above statement assumes that you have the proper Genvid dlls integrated into your Unity project. Otherwise, if you were able to build the Unity sample provided by Genvid, I suggest to simply copy the Genvid and Plugins folder (available in the Assets folder after performing a build) directly into your project.


Thanks Sophie

I tested it and it worked perfectly fine!