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Setting up a twitch extension for an automated AI drone client


Hello, I work for Ironbelly Studios on a game using UE4 called Fractured Veil This project is a large scale open world survival game with an AI controlled drone client that flies around the island looking for wildlife, players and other interesting things to focus on. This drone streams to various streaming websites and we have been looking into setting up Genvid to enable viewers to access additional information and even alter things the drone sees or does.

Currently I have the UE4 side of things all ready to go and local clusters have been setup and configured properly. Now it is time to setup the interactive stream part and I am wondering if I could get some examples, best practices, ideas, etc. on how to set up a twitch extension for Genvid. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Chris,

Welcome to our forum!

Here is a link to our current documentation for getting set up with Twitch:

Additional information can be found in a blog post here:

We are working on a Twitch Sample but it still needs some fine tuning before release.

Please comment any questions you have with the setup and our team will be more than happy to guide you through it.



Very interesting project! Looking forward to seeing your progress here :slight_smile: