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Running tutorial in cloud



I am unable to get the tutorial to run on a cluster in the cloud. The website works, the services and web jobs are running, however for the game job I see “tutorial:pending” with a spinning circle in the cluster UI, and it doesn’t start up the job on the game machine in AWS.

Occasionally a console window flashes up on the game machine, but it appears too quickly to read what’s going on, other than it being some kind of python script. Though this flashes up even when the job isn’t trying to start.

The log for game says “Log allocation not found”.

I’ve tried with the Unity demo too (which definitely works on a local cluster), same issue occurs.

Any ideas where to look? What folder should the application install into as I can’t find it and don’t really understand what part of the process actually copies the files from S3 onto the machine?




Working now …

I had to reboot the AWS game machine - this time it started up the nomad and consul daemons automatically, which allowed the demo to run correctly. It seems these failed to startup on first boot of the game machine after launching with the AMI, so something is slightly broken somewhere.