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Running a game from Steam on Cloud


Heya! I have a game that must be run from Steam that I am attempting to get set up in a cloud cluster - it seems like the best way to go about that would be to install Steam in the AMI, and then run the game via the command line within the cloud template for the game job; do you have any examples of similar templates that I could look at? Or, is there a better way to run a game from Steam on the cloud?



Hi Lucas,

That is not our normal integration model - we are usually integrated directly into the game via our SDK.

However I will have a dig around and see if we have anything that could help you.

Off the top of my head I think a script or service job for installing and updating Steam and game would be a better approach than baking it into the AMI.

Steam versions change frequently so your AMI would become out of date quickly.

You will also need a mechanism to capture the video and audio, do you have a solution for that?