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I’m attempting to setup 3 different camera views with 3 separate streams. I understand this requires 3 separate clusters for encoding (I’m not doing a picture-in-picture thing), but am stuck on a couple of points:

  1. Just one of my clusters will contain the website - this can find the stream that is generated on the same cluster, but how does it know how to find the other video streams to switch to?

  2. A YouTube channel’s main live stream only supports one stream per channel (there’s only one stream key). However, you can setup a scheduled event with multiple cameras, each with its own stream key - but you have to schedule it for specific timed events. Is this an issue anyone has faced, and what workarounds are there?

Having one separate YouTube channel/account per stream seems like a bad alternative, and is quite painful to setup with all the AdSense stuff multiple times, and also not sure if having multiple account like that might violate some Youtube policy.




Hi Adrian,

  1. Our UT demo is using one YT channel per account. It is right now the only way to load the Live video correctly.
  2. For the website, we are using consul to do the discovery of each cluster. This required each cluster to have a different datacenter, and then to join them using the consul join query. Once that is done, you can query your local consul client by specifying the datacenter you required for join, etc.

If you would like additional information or help with setting this up, please let me know and we can schedule a call.




Back on the first point regarding one YT channel per account, it turns out YouTube really don’t like you having more than one AdSense account (they basically refuse to let you open a second one if they think it’s from the same person). Did you successfully manage to connect multiple Youtube accounts to a single Adsense account ? Or did you work around it with Adsense accounts in multiple company/human names ?




Hi Adrian,

Let me get back to you on this. I know that you are able to setup at least 2 YouTube accounts per phone # but as for enabling AdSense, I’ll ask the the team that set it up and let you know as soon as possible.



Hi Adrian,

Upon further investigation, you should be able to link multiple YouTube accounts to the same AdSense. You may need to contact their support for assistance if you are unable to do so.



I have linked a single AdSense account to multiple YouTube accounts, and they show to be in the active state/approved, with Live Stream embedding listed as “eligible”. Unfortunately the advanced settings option to actually enable the live embed it is still greyed out on the 2 newer accounts.

As I’m not a YouTube partner there’s no email support, and their public forums have messages going back a couple of years with people with similar problems, often not resolved. Policy also seems to vary country by country.

Sometimes it can take days (or even weeks!) to get enabled apparently, so I guess I’ll check back another day …


I’ll follow up with the team to see if there isn’t anything additional that can be done aside from contacting YT.


I gave up on waiting for YouTube to allow embedding, and just created (yet another!) 2 accounts.

For the benefit of anyone else seeing this issue, I’m pretty sure it went wrong because I requested a new Adsense account for the new Youtube account, which they said no to, and even though I then linked it back to the original approved Adsense account, the live embedding just doesn’t get enabled.

The lesson is make sure you link to the single original Adsense account the first time it asks you which account to link to.