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How to know what events are really sent by Tutorial's webUI?


Now I am looking into SDK Tutorial (directx cube example) receiving events from webUI.

In tutorialControlsComponent.ts , client.sendEvent and client.sendEventObject is called in functions like onColorchange, onCheer, onReset .
But when I click everywhere, these functions are not called.

Questions are:

  1. How can I send events via sendEvent or sendEventObject in Tutorial browser view?
  2. How to see these event logs in SDK monitor?


Do we have tutorial webUI usage explanation in SDK docs?


Hi Nakajima-san!

Currently, the only events you can see with the current system are the ones that match the configuration. An example is available here and you can find some documentation there.

The current configuration is quite complex and we plan to replace it with a simpler system next year.


So, in SDK’s Tutorial, I can’t send events from browser?
I am using SDK’s cube tutorial server and web without any changes.



I cant find events in SDK monitor’s Events tab and Logs>events.


Your webpage seems to miss the bottom panel, where you can cheer for your favourite cube.
You still have the highlight so I don’t think it’s a data problem, and you seem to use Chrome which is pretty much our more tested browser.

So, I’m honestly not sure what’s going on here. I will ask our support team to look at it.


py build web
gives no error, and chrome console here:


Hi Nakajima-san,
Can you send me a screen shot of the web UI after you scrolled down to the bottom of the page?
Please make sure the page is fullscreen without the javascript console


omg…! I found bottom pane!!!
I totally missed it!

Thank you very much.

I think by adding some photos of correct set-up, your SDK document will be more helpful!


Goog for you! We probably should also dock this panel to the bottom of the page instead of sticking it under the video, it would be more obvious!
Good coding!


dock this panel to the bottom of the page

I also found event logs in SDK monitor, thanks!