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How do I run Unity Sample app on Android/iOS?


I’m doing R&D on a Unity project that will feature screen sharing across mobile devices. I’ve been looking for Unity Live Streaming solutions, but it seems like there aren’t many. I was therefore really happy to see the recent Unity blog post featuring Genvid. I later found out that it is claimed that Genvid can work with mobile devices:
It convinced me that Genvid is fit for the Screen Sharing/Live Streaming part of our project. I’ve downloaded the plugin and started testing it.

So, after completing Unity Sample guide which comes in the .unitypackage from asset store I’ve managed to get live streaming up and running on the local machine from Unity Editor (and even from a standalone Windows build).

The next step for me is to make the same Unity Sample app run on mobile devices (iOS/Android). It seems like the naive approach of simply building the sample app for a mobile platform did not work. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to find much information on how to run Genvid on mobile devices, except the page that I’ve linked earlier. There is not much info though, I’m still not sure what exactly should I do with my Unity Sample app to get

Therefore, I would really appreciate if you could share any info on how to stream a mobile Unity app using Genvid.


Hi Dmitrii,

Welcome to the Genvid forums!

I’ll pass your question along to the team and get some information for you. It’s a Canadian holiday today, so it may take a little more time than normal for a reply. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Hi Dmitrii,

Apologies that the blog post is unclear. As a technology we are not intended at this time to be built into the user client of a game. Instead, we are deployed from a GPU-enabled server and intended for broadcasts from that server to Twitch, YouTube, etc. Therefore, if you are building a mobile game in Unity, you would create a DX11 Windows build to deploy to servers.

Similarly, the expectation is that you would be viewing on a mobile device as a stream.

I apologize if the blog post is confusing; we are not intended to be built into game clients or streamed from client to client, but rather are a broadcast solution for spectating games.

If this is still within your usecase, you can contact us for a direct discussion at and we can help you think through the problem.



Thank you for the quick response. The post in FAQ might indeed seem misleading to anyone without in-depth knowledge of Genvid architecture. It would be great if the limitation was stated more explicitly for those developers who have just started getting familiar with the SDK.

Unfortunately, now it seems like Genvid is outside of our usecase. Since we are working with AR it’s an imperative that we stream lots of data (phone camera video frames in particular) directly from user client of the app.

Anyway, thank you for your support, it is really appreciated.

Kind regards,