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Getting AWS Bastion Installed


Hey all -

I’m trying to follow the instructions here: Cloud Environment First Steps

When I run the genvid-ami setup command, I get the following error:

Error launching source instance: InstanceLimitExceeded: You have requested more instances (1) than your current instance limit of 0 allows for the specified instance type. Please visit to request an adjustment to this limit.

I have contacted AWS to increase that limit, and they say that they have increased the limit to 1:

Summary of limit(s) requested for increase:
  [US West (Northern California)]: EC2 Instances / Instance Limit (g2.2xlarge), New Limit = 1

I have tried setting the AWS Default region name to:
“us-west-1”, “us-west-2”, and “us-east-1”

But none of the values progress past the limit message; I’m not sure if perhaps I have something mis-configured, or if there is some step I might be missing.

The log from the terraform process can be found here, in case that is helpful:


Hi Lucas,

Someone from our team will assist you shortly!




I tried the same thing this afternoon, and I think the setup-ami is always created in us-east-1 (at least it was for me, independently of the set aws region).

So it worked for me after asking for a limit-increase in us-east-1 (“US East (N. Virginia)”).


That seems to be it! Just requested a limit increase for that region, and it seems to be installing correctly now. Thanks!