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GenvidSDK.SubmitVideoData is sometimes very slow


Hello again,

I have the problem that SubmitVideoData is sometimes very slow when passing a byte-array, taking sometimes up over 85 milliseconds. First, here is my system (4)

This is mostly the case when a 3D-application (such as Dirty Bomb, Counter-Strike or to an extend even something non-demanding like DDLC) is in the foreground.

Then SubmitVideoData becomes extremely slow. This is independent of whether I sleep between submitting two frames (1), I busy-wait (2) or I use native code.

Using the native-code my CPU usage barely reaches 50%, so I doubt I’m bottle-necked there, and even the C#-client with busy-wait is only at around 65%.

I would have tried to change the CPU usage preset of the encoder, however I couldn’t find the setting.

All of this wouldn’t be that big of an issue, however when a frame isn’t submitted on time, the encoder instead encodes a dark green frame for me, which leads to rather annoying flickering.

Is there any other info I can provide?



Thanks Moritz,

Our API should always be fast responsive, so I will lookup what’s going wrong with it. We push a maximum of stuff in background, so my guess is probably a lock that take too much time. The raw data interface isn’t our common path so it is very possible that we miss a lock somewhere that taking too much time.

Thanks for your information,


In 1.11.0 the issue seems to be mostly gone, and the green flickering when you don’t submit on time is gone as well.