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GenvidSDK.SubmitVideoData always throws with GenvidSDK.PixelFormat.B8G8R8A8



GenvidSDK.SubmitVideoData always creates a MAV when setting the PixelFormat to B8G8R8A8
(GenvidSDK.SetParameter(VideoStream, "video.pixel_format", (int)GenvidSDK.PixelFormat.B8G8R8A8)):

System.AccessViolationException: 'Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.'
at GenvidSDKCSharp.GenvidSDK.Genvid_SubmitVideoData(Int64 timecode, String streamId, Byte[] videoData, Int32 videoDataSize)
at GenvidSDKCSharp.GenvidSDK.SubmitVideoData(Int64 timecode, String streamID, Byte[] videoData)
at Client.GenvidClient.StartStream() in […]\GenvidClient.cs:line 78

Example code:

The same code works fine when I change the pixel-format to R8G8B8A8 or even R8G8B8.


Hi Moritz and sorry for the late answer.

Thanks for the bug report. The fix will be available in the 1.11 release due for next Monday.


I can confirm it’s fixed in 1.11, thank you!