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Genvid Technologies Announces Wide Availability of the Genvid SDK, Integration with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Together with new $2.5M financing, company delivers greater access and new tools for developers globally

NEW YORK (September 11th, 2017) – Game technology solutions provider Genvid Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters: New York, henceforth “Genvid”) today announced that is has made the Genvid SDK publicly available for all major engines and platforms. Now accessible on the new Genvid website and its Developer Portal, the Genvid SDK allows game developers and publishers worldwide access to new tools to create unrivaled interactive streams across multiple streaming platforms and providers, including YouTube and Amazon Web Services.

Previously only available to select users, the Genvid SDK is the first developer-grade streaming solution that is independent of a specific platform, engine, or infrastructure—allowing game developers to adapt as needed and generate new revenue streams from their viewer base.

With the SDK, developers can map viewer interactions from a game onto the video itself in real-time. Genvid has developed patented technology that can generate uses for data synchronized to these streams. As a result, livestreams can be monetized through transactions that are uniquely targeted to the individual watching, leading to a significant revenue opportunity for game developers through sponsorships and in-stream purchases.

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