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Genvid SDK 1.28.1 - Patch

Upon releasing our latest version 1.28.0, we realized there were significant issues flagged by our team post-release. This is why we chose to deprecate the build.

Our development team worked tirelessly to correct these issues and deliver to you the 1.28.1 patch and we recommend that you upgrade to it immediately.

Here is a breakdown of what happened:

Terraform 0.14 Upgrade:

A code conflict occurred that caused an issue when upgrading clusters to this latest version. The upgrade process would consider the clusters as DOWN when they were in fact UP. This resulted in the inability to Apply the changes and fully upgrade.

A similar conflict caused the new default providers to not be applied.

A workaround had already been shared here but we went ahead and fixed the issue completely to avoid it altogether.

Tick Sample:

When preparing the tick sample, there is a call made to download InfluxDB 1.3.5 which was recently deprecated by InfluxDB. We have since upgraded to 1.8.5 to correct this issue.

As much as we try to avoid it, these issues can sometimes happen with any software development. When it does, we learn how to make our test more robust to hopefully avoid it in the future.

We thank you for your understanding.




Terraform 0.14アップグレード




Tick サンプル

Tick サンプルを作成する際に、InfluxDB 1.3.5をダウンロードするように指示がありましたが、これは最近InfluxDBによって非推奨とされました。この問題を解決するために、1.8.5にアップグレードしました。



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