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Genvid SDK 1.27.1 - Patch

Welcome to Genvid Technologies SDK 1.27.1. This release is ready and stable
for integration and can be used for local development and limited cloud
deployment. We are still missing some features for a complete production
deployment which can be provided through other software. Please contact us at if you’re planning a production deployment.

We are still committed to a regular pace for our releases until we get all the
features done for a comfortable production deployment. We always work to
ensure a smooth upgrade between releases and provide as much backward
compatibility support as possible. A complete list of our Known Issues and
Workarounds is available to you in our Forum. Please contact us if you
have any issues.

Minor Changes and Other Fixes

  • [terraform] Fixed an issue causing users to get the error
    Terraform 0.12.19 not supported by terraform-aws-modules/alb/aws
    when creating AWS ALB-SSL clusters.