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Game won't start, multiple compose services


Hi, our game now won’t start on any 3 of our clusters, with Bastion reporting

"Dependencies not started nats,compose"

… even though the services job has definitely started.

Looking at the health, there appear to be multiple “compose” and “gvencodeweb” services (see image below), which I don’t think is correct? I have gone through a full cycle of clean-config/setup/load-config-sdk, but the problem still prevails:

If I stop the jobs, the health is as follows:


It’s as though the game job is waiting on the wrong compose service. How can I flush out these incorrect services ?




Hi Adrian,

Someone will followup with you on this shortly.



Thanks - the problem has actually just gone away by itself! I think consul cleans up dead services after a timeout (like an hour perhaps).



Hi Adrian,

You are right: Except for the SDK Health Check, all our services are registered by Nomad, which is also responsible for deregistering them when they goes down. If Nomad got kill without deregistration (which happen quite too easy on Windows), the service registration linger on Windows. This can create some problems with our current stack, since we weren’t checking for the health of a service, and it will be fixed in 1.16, due by July 23rd.

Thanks for reporting the problem,