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Documentation correction for map source in the events


Documentation has incorrect information in relation to the map source in the events, where "source": "viewers" was previously stated as being the correct value. However, the source should be "userinput'.

This affects new integration only. The samples provided in the Genvid SDK (Tutorial, Unity, Unreal) have the correct values and would not exhibit this error.

Sections affected:

  "id": "playersLike",
  "source": "userinput",
  "where": {
    "key": ["players", "<playerId>", "reaction"],
    "type": "string",
    "name": "<reaction>"
    "$in": ["like", "love", "laugh", "surprised", "sad", "mad"]
  "key": ["players", "<playerId>", "reaction"],
  "value": "<reaction>"


An update will be made to the online documentation shortly, and the correction will be present in the Genvid SDK 1.13.0 release.

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