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Destroying player on web client


When IGenvidClient close is called, it does not stop the video, and also leaves the YouTube iframe in place (not the original div) on the video_player element, which means a subsequent call to create a new genvid client may fail if it is not using YouTube.

The IVideoPlayer interface doesn’t seem to have any destroy/stop functionality either.

Please can you advise on the best way to cleanup a genvid client without a full page reload ?


Hi Adrian,

Let me get back to you on this, we are investigating.



Hi Adrian,

The Genvid Client close() method destroys the data stream and the different callback calls such as onDraw(). This function doesn’t modify the dom. The video player is the only thing that needs to be destroyed after close() has been called.

In one of our demos, we have three different youtube channels, and when switching from one to another, we just simply call the close() method, then reinstantiate a new genvid client with the same dom target as the previous one.

We understand that there is a lack of consistency on our side, since we are handling the creation of the youtube video player, but not its destruction.

Thanks for your interest on our SDK :slight_smile: