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Creating a custom Bastion AWS Instance


Genvid Technologies - Creating a Bastion AWS instance

Creating a new instance on AWS

  1. Create a new instance using provided Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Base - ami-049951c6a9c02b260
  2. Choose a T2.Medium instance
  3. Ensure that the root storage have at least 50Gb
  4. Add a key “Name” with the value <bastion-id>
  5. Create a new Security Group:
Inbound Rules
RDP TCP 3389 My IP Remote Desktop Protocol

Installing the Latest Genvid SDK

  1. Access you instance using a RDP client (Remote Desktop)
  2. Download Genvid SDK
  3. Unzip and run the SDK Installation program

Installing Bastion

Open an Administrative Powershell Prompt:

$env:GENVID_DEFAULT_IP="<aws private ip address>"
genvid-bastion install -umlb <bastion-id>

Moving Local Bastion to Cloud