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Can't receive streaming in webUI (sample Tutorial) after restarting machine


I restarted my g2.2xlarge machine and

genvid-sdk clean-config
genvid-sdk load-config-sdk
py load

but I can’t receive any stream in web.

Before rebooting my machine, I could see three lines in genvid-sdk monitor in green color, but after rebooting, I see the top job “services:running” as white, and next 2 jobs are in green.
Game is running well and no streaming error.

How can I debug it?

Also, some errors are reported in browser console.



Hi Nakajima-San,

From what I am seeing in your screenshots. The connection is failing on the website at the /join call which happens when the web site is trying to connect to the Leaf backend.

Although with the services being white (means not all services are running) and only 1 out of 8 services running, the Genvid services are clearly not ready to receive traffic.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more diagnostic I can do with the info I have right now. Could you please have a look at the following page for information on how to generate a bug report. If you send us that information, we should be able to help you further. Thanks !


genvid-bugreport generated zip file “” but I cant attach the file here.
What to do with the file?


You can send it at


We have resolved the problem, it turned out that a lack of disk space on the cloud machine was preventing the services from starting correctly.

We use Nomad in our stack and it required several hundred MB of space for logs per task as well as several hundred MB for an ephemeral disk per task group. This added up to 4GB of disk space required to launch all services successfully.

We will be looking to reduce this requirement in the future.

More info on Nomad logs can be found here:


Thanks! I removed files and got 4.2gb space, then working!