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Cannot view tutorial


When I start samples/tutorial,I cannot see game view in demo website。

In game log,logs show connection error

I1128 11:18:37.643102 16940 ComposeSession.cpp:145] Connecting.
W1128 11:18:37.645105 16940 ComposeSession.cpp:202] Failed to get compose information, trying GENVID_DEFAULT_IP.
I1128 11:18:37.645105 16940 ComposeSession.cpp:215] Using GENVID_DEFAULT_IP.
I1128 11:18:37.645105 16940 RtmspConnection.cpp:30] Connecting to : tcp:
I1128 11:18:37.645105 16940 ComposeSession.cpp:159] Connection requested.
E1128 11:18:38.646944 16940 ComposeSession.cpp:1004] Compose connection error category:asio.system code:10061 msg:ÓÉÓÚÄ¿±ê¼ÆËã»ú»ý¼«¾Ü¾ø£¬ÎÞ·¨Á¬½Ó¡£

while in “Genvid Demo Website”, it doesn’t show game view and with error in console as follows:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)


it is solved although I still don’t know why


Hi and welcome to our forum!

From what we can tell, this is most likely due to the services not having properly started the first time you attempted it.

If the issue persists, please advise us so we may assist you further.