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Cannot get tutorial to work in 1.13


I have been unable to get the tutorial to stream in a local cluster after upgrading to 1.13. I am pretty sure I have followed the upgrade instructions correctly. All 3 jobs seem to start up, the web page loads, but it fails to actually stream any video. I am running Chrome 65 so I don’t believe it is the autoplay issue.

The log for gvencode says:

E0424 14:24:32.202854 17524 AvStreamServerFilter.cpp:1086] Stream cannot be start! onAir:0 videoSubscriptionId:-1 audioSubscriptionId:-1
E0424 14:24:32.202854 17524 AvStreamServerFilter.cpp:812] Cannot start streamer!

The log for game says (repeatedly):

E0424 14:25:32.286643 16236 AsyncConnections.cpp:1312] Genvid_SubmitGameData(): Unknown stream id GameData
E0424 14:25:32.286643 16236 AsyncConnections.cpp:677] Genvid_SubmitVideoData: Unknown stream id Video


Hi Adrian,

Could you please provide a bug report for this issue? This was tested prior to release and we are unable to reproduce it. A bug report will help us pinpoint what’s going on.

After setting up the tutorial (and confirming it still doesn’t work), please follow this step:

For confidentiality, you can send me a private/direct message with the .zip instead of sharing it in this public topic.



Hi Adrian,

Looking at your tutorial log it shows that the streams are not created because the initialisation of the audio endpoint failed :

I0424 15:27:02.418205 11624 AudioGrabber.cpp:310] Using the default audio endpoint.
E0424 15:27:02.431742 11624 AudioGrabber.cpp:345] Failed to Initialize audio client: -2004287480
E0424 15:27:02.431742 11624 AsyncConnections.cpp:1094] SetParameter() - Failed to initialize WASAPI for stream ‘Audio’: AllocationFailed (6).

The error returned by the audio client initialisation is : AUDCLNT_E_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT

You could try to set the GENVID_AUDIO_DEVICE environment variable to “Speakers” for example, or any other valid audio endpoint name on your computer, to check if this solves the problem.