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AMI image upgrades to 1.1.3



The upgrade instructions for 1.13 say:

“Set up a new wingame AMI that matches the new version”

Is there an alternative to this, i.e. a way to upgrade the components already installed on the machine? I ask as setting up everything we need on the AWS machine again is very time consuming.




Hi Adrian,

It is usually highly recommended to upgrade your AMI, but in order to reuse your existing AMI, you can do so with the following variables in the Cluster Settings


 "toolbox" = "c:\\Genvid\\Genvid Technologies SDK 1.13.0\\genvid_toolbox-1.13.0-py3-none-any.whl",

Ensure this value is:

 "ami_version" = "1.12.0"



Hi Sophie

Does that toolbox path refer to a path on my local dev machine, or on the amazon machine? If on the amazon machine, presumably that toolbox file needs to be installed there first?




It refers to a path on the machine running the bastion-api process. This path tell terraform to upload the file to all the servers where it would be installed.