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Alb_ssl cluster issue w/ SDK 1.27 and older

This issue happens when creating or updating a new alb_ssl cluster or minimal_alb_ssl cluster.
Creating a cluster calls the terraform aws alb module under the hood. Unfortunately, they introduced a breaking change starting with version v5.14. The change is that the minimum version of Terraform they support is 0.13. The SDK 1.27 and below are shipped with 0.12.

The workaround for this issue is:
Update the files /bastion-services/terraform/modules/basic/minimal_cluster_alb_ssl/ and /bastion-services/terraform/modules/basic/basic_cluster_alb_ssl/

The property version of the block module "alb" should have argument “v5.13”.
For version 1.22 , the path to the files are: bastion-services/terraform/modules/basic/alb_ssl_cluster/
and bastion-services/terraform/modules/basic/alb_ssl_cluster_vpc/

A new version for v1.27.1 will be releases in the next few days to fix this issue. We recommend upgrading once available.

The Genvid Team